Don’t leave your client alone —  have a nurse on your side at the Defense Medical Examination. Your client may be experiencing great stress and may face a hostile doctor. Our experienced, caring nurses attend the DME as your eyes and ears, and offer comfort for your client. We implement your requirements for the exam, prepare a report of what transpired and can become your rebuttal witness in court.

Reasons to have a nurse attend the DME: 

  • You have a client who is terrified of being examined by a potentially hostile physician.

  • You wish someone could support that client, who definitely does not want to get undressed in front of you or your paralegal.

  • You wonder about the accuracy of the report prepared by the physician examiner.

  • You want to limit the discussion of liability.

  • You need eyes and ears at the exam and a rebuttal witness at trial.

We can help!

Retain us to provide an experienced nurse to attend the defense medical examination (DME) with your client. Their first-hand experience will be valuable when your case comes to settlement or trial.

An experienced nurse will be prepared to testify about discrepancies between what occurred in the exam versus what the physician claimed occurred and help you make your case.